Welcome to ProMac

Providing quality Cartoning and Case Packing Machinery, as well as Cheese Handling and Cheese Cutting Equipment.


We can offer hand fed or fully automatic Cartoning Machines with a variety of Product Handling and Collation systems.

Case Packing

For Case Packing we can offer a wide variety of solutions ranging from Product Collators to assist in manual loading of pre-erected cases, Automatic Case Filling systems for pre-erected cases, through to fully automatic Case Packing Machines using either pre-glued RSC, or, flat wrap around blanks.

Cheese Handling and Cutting

Through one of Europe's leading suppliers of Cheese Handling and Cheese Cutting Equipment, we offer individually tailored solutions for everthing from de-bagging and boxing, through to fully automated systems producing  and feeding fixed weight cheese portions to the downstream wrapping equipment.

We would be happy to talk to you about your project, large or small, to see whether we have a solution that fits your needs.